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Don't Rain on Her Parade: Kimberly Faye Greenberg Brings Fanny Brice to Fabulous Life

Watching Kimberly cavort around the stage in Fabulous Fanny, you do get the sense of being thrust back in time. She is as nimble and rubber-faced as Brice in her prime, executing a montage of physical numbers like "Sadie Salome" and "I'm an Indian" with gleeful ease and tossing off joke after joke. It's more than a cabaret in that Greenberg gives you a complete story arc to follow, radiating with such warm, homey intimacy that even newcomers to Brice's canon will leave feeling like experts.

Huffington Post

Fanny Brice is alive and well and living wherever Kimberly Faye Greenberg takes her.


Ms. Greenberg has done a wonderful job, both with her script and with her portrayal, managing to keep the performance light, bright, and enjoyable. The writing is straightforward and personable, providing audiences honest-to-goodness facts about Brice's life that don't come out in either of the Streisand movies, facts and stories that Greenberg presents with skilled acting talents and a lovely singing voice.


The Show has been named "Best to Stream" by


Kimberly Faye Greenberg who captures her essence and spirit in this one woman show

Around The Town Chicago

Displaying a chesty vocal delivery well up to the challenge of replicating Brice's legendary long final notes and a supple physique capable of conjuring a bevy of auxiliary characters (including several gentlemen suitors), aided only by an eight-foot pink feather boa and half a size XX overcoat, with further assistance provided by pianoman Christopher McGovern for this performance, Greenberg's "Second Hand Rose" persona commands the stage to embrace her virtual audience like a big warm hug.


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