Kimberly Faye Greenberg




Workshops/Masterclasses/Speaking Engagements/Webinars available :

"How To Audition For Musical Theatre"


"The Workings of Broadway-How A Show Gets To Broadway"


"Considering Working in NYC As An Actor"


"Acting As A Business"


"Working Backstage on Broadway"


"The Beginning of Broadway: Vaudeville Revue"




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"How 2 Succeed In THIS Business"



REAL TALK on: pursuing agents/managers, how to work with your agent manager to best market you, queries about joining professional unions, creating your own performance opportunities, maneuvering common pitfalls in audition situations, answering with savvy the “do you work for free” question, balancing your professional life and complimentary careers, using your various networks to your career advantage, tips on finding casting contacts through the internet, the best way to choose and use industry/one-on-one casting showcases.


Kimberly's particular forte of personal branding will help kickstart your professional marketing with help on cover letters, thank you notes, and social media presence, enabling you to TAKE CHARGE of your performing career from a business perspective with confidence!





Actor's Outlet Flyer (Updated)

In January 2016, Kimberly taught 2 webinars for



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In November 2016, Kimberly taught her workshop

" The Beginning of Broadway: Vaudeville Revue"

for Rhetter Entertainment in NYC!