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Kimberly will be teaching a Business of Musical Theatre Class!

"How 2 Succeed In THIS Business"


REAL TALK on: pursuing agents/managers, how to work with your agent manager to best market you, queries about joining professional unions, creating your own performance opportunities, maneuvering common pitfalls in audition situations, answering with savvy the “do you work for free” question, balancing your professional life and complimentary careers, using your various networks to your career advantage, tips on finding casting contacts through the internet, the best way to choose and use industry/one-on-one casting showcases. Kimbelry's particular forte of personal branding will help kickstart your professional marketing with help on cover letters, thank you notes, and social media presence, enabling you to TAKE CHARGE of your performing career from a business perspective with confidence!




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First And Only Actress to Play Leading Roles in Two Off-Broadway Musicals At The Same Time!

Sylvia Fine in

"Danny & Sylvia, The Danny Kaye Musical"

Fanny Brice in "One Night With Fanny Brice"

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On Fabulous Fanny, Kimberly Faye Greenberg has done a great job at bringing to life the wonderful music of Ms Brice – and I think anyone listening to it will be surprised by the number of tracks they recognise – and ensuring that she is accessible to future generations. A lovely album that should be in everyone’s collection and played whenever you feel like you need cheering up.

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A Sassy Brassy Comedic NY Jewish Broad with a Biting Sarcastic Wit, Quirky Charm

and a Penchant for Playing Historical Women of the Early Twentieth Century!


For Kimberly's Solo Touring Fanny Brice Show  visit:


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Kimberly's Guest post on this blog!

You don't have to be a thespian

for its principles to hit home!



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